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Wendy Sharpe, etchings, monotypes

1978-79 Art Certificate - Seaforth Technical College
1980-82 City Art Institute - Bachelor of Visual Arts
1983 Sydney Institute of Education - Graduate Diploma of Education
1984 City Art Institute - Graduate Diploma of Professional Art
1987 Tenancy of Studio in Paris (Dr Denise Hickey studio)
1987-88 Travelling scholarship to Europe and New York
1989 Mercedes-Benz Scholarship to Egypt, Israel, Greece and Italy
1991-92 MA (Fine Art) - College of Fine Arts, University of NSW
1994 Margaret Fesq Memorial Art Prize
1994 Cite International des Arts, Paris

1986 Awarded term of tenancy of studio at Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
1986 Dyason Bequest
1986 Marten Bequest, Travelling Art Scholarship (painting)
1986 SULMAN PRIZE judged by Albert Tucker
1989 Mercedes Benz Scholarship
1990/94 Modern Figurative Award, Sydney Royal Art Show (Judge Kevin Connor)
1990 Waverley Art Prize
1991-92 Australia Post Graduate Research Award
1992 Robert Le Gay Bereton Drawing Prize
1995 Portia Geach Memorial Award
1995 Kedumba Drawing Prize, Fairmont Resort, Leura
1996 ARCHIBALD PRIZE (Diana of Erskinville), Art Gallery of NSW
1998 Bathurst Art Prize, Bathurst Regional Gallery
1998-99 Commisioned by the city of Sydney for Olympic pool murals based on the life of Annette Kellerman (8 panels). Cook and Phillip Aquatic Centre.
1999 Appointed as Official Artist attached to the Australian Army History Unit in East Timor. Australian War Memorial ACT.
2003 Portia Geach Memorial Prize , SH Irwin Gallery, Sydney
2003 Allen Gamble Memorial Art Prize, Sydney
2006 Awarded Tenancy of Cite International Des Arts Studio, Paris for 2007 by the Art Gallery of NSW
2008 Artist Residency of the Australian Residency, Cairo, Egypt, at the personal of the Australian Ambassador.
2008- 2009 Commision: The Arts Centre Victoria -The Australian Ballet's tribute to the Ballet Russes.

1985 "Sex and Death" Nicholson Street Gallery, Sydney
1986 "Fire Inside" First Impressions Gallery, Sydney.
1986 "Lingering Images" Visual Arts Gallery Sydney
1987 Selected Work Nidus Gallery, Sydney
1989 Recent Paintings, DC-ART, Sydney
1990 "Magic Paintings", DC-ART, Sydney
1991 "Ghosts" POD Theatre, Sydney
1993 'Recent Paintings', Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney
1996 'New Work', King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney
1997 'Night Paintings', King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney
1999 'Drawings, Paintings and Mixed Media works for the Annette Kellerman mural' (Cook and Phillip Aquatic Centre, Sydney) King Street Gallery, Sydney.
2000 'New Beginnings -East Timor', Australian War Memorial Canberra.
2000 'East Timor', King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney
2002 'Wendy Sharpe, A Collection of works, 1999-2002', King Street Gallery on Burton at Span Galleries, Melbourne.
2002 'New Paintings', King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney.
2003 'Recent Paintings', Chapman Gallery, Canberra.
2003 'Paintings', Phillip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane.
2004 'Paintings', King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney
2004 'Travel Paintings', Phillip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane
2005 'Artist and City and Spanish series', Chapman Gallery, Canberra.
2006 'Couples', Mars Gallery, Melbourne
2006 'Opera Paintings', King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney
2006 'Million Dollar Mermaid', Australian Maritime Museum.
2007 'Stories from the Studio', Phillip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane
2008 'Paris' King Street Gallery on William, Sydney
2008 'Intimacy and Solitude', Adele Boag Gallery, Adelaide
2008 'Travel' Mars Gallery, Port Melbourne

Various Australian Group Exhibitions

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About Face on Veneration - The Australian Weekend Review: Elwyn Lynne, 26 March 1994

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